Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Pom Pom Girls

First post in a long while... Am expecting a baby and what with an increasingly slow brain (baby brain; it's true...), a very demanding couple of projects and settling in a new team before I slope off to lie around like a comedy-sized queen bee on my sofa and await the arrival of my little boy (actually, that's not true; I have been afflicted with nesting dementia and driving my family crazy with it), I've had little time to update this and I've missed it!

I really wish I had the agility of these ladies right now.  London-based photographer Todd Antony spent some time in Sun City, a retirement city boasting 37 000 residents situated near Phoenix Arizona, where he came across The Sun City Poms.  They were very happy to be photographed striking their best pose against the immaculate backdrop of their sunny paradise.

Todd says on his blog that spending time with these ladies made him consider how the Americans view the ageing process; at one end of the spectrum are the child beauty pageants of kids trying to fast-track their years whilst at the other end are these fabulous pom pom girls who are successfully and gracefully holding them back.

See more here: Todd Antony

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