Friday, 23 August 2013

Festival Magic

August Bank Holiday weekend means festival time! In these last few weeks of summer, Festival Season starts drawing to a close here in the UK.  Festivals have become to many the most accessible means of escaping from the hum drum of life, where the absurd and magical become the status quo. In these straitened times, when youth unemployment is at an all time high,  the release that festivals provide is vital.  There's also something very delightfully medieval about them; the idea of the world being turned upside down for a few days of revelry in the countryside.  Ben Gold's pictures above capture beautifully that magic and other-worldliness. He'll be showing this work in a group show at The Art Collective in September in Bethnal Green. Keep an eye out for him at Bestival which he'll also be attending to add more to the project. Ben Gold

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