Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Flying fish

It is bitter out... Today it feels like we literally have to walk through the clouds which seem to have descended onto the very streets here in London. So these magical shots by Rene & Radka, who hail from Germany and the Czech Republic respectively (but now reside in Paris), were a sight for sore eyes.  The only place I would like to see giant jellyfish is in the air floating past me on the beach on a beautiful sunny day.  See more of their enchanting work here: Rene & Radka @ Quadriga

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Daily bread

Scissors - posted today 21st Feb
Erasers - posted yesterday 20th Feb

Eraser - posted Tues 19th Feb
Pencil - posted Tues 19th Feb

Skull - posted Fri 15th Feb

Lines & Faces - posted Thurs 14th Feb

High time we had some illustration on here and what better to feature than Stephen Cheetham's marvellously stripped back graphic and colourful work?  Stephen does an illustration a day which he then posts on his site and from which you can also buy a daily limited print, if you so desire.  Here are his endeavours from the past 6 days.  I always admire artists who make this kind of commitment and am loving the stationery vibe this week. See more here: Stephen Cheetham

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Cholera in Haiti

Samantha Casolari's shots of Haiti are breathtaking in their sensitivity.  These were taken in the summer of 2011 so some 18months following the devastating earthquake that claimed 200 000 lives. Cholera has been rampant to this day, affecting 6% of the population.  Samantha is a really talented NY based photographer who has photographed subjects as varied as Daisy Lowe on holiday to portraits of people like Debbie Harry to fashion stories.  Her treatment of something as emotional and disturbing as the cholera epidemic in Haiti is both brave and haunting. Samantha Casolari

Monday, 11 February 2013

In Honour Of....

Gerald D Ford Drive, Palm Springs

Franklin D Roosevelt Highway, New York City

Dinah Shore Drive, Palm Springs

Frank Sinatra Drive, Las Vegas

Duke Ellington Way, Las Vegas
David Harriman, one of my favourite photographers who I've worked with several times over the years, has a beautifully designed blog which he calls his journal where he showcases his personal work: No Son Rien

David has spent many years shooting the area that borders the US and Mexico to show the contrast between the 1st and 3rd world economy status of the two countries, so he frequently makes the trip across the pond to work on that and other projects he has bubbling away, when he's not shooting for advertising clients like us, here and there and everywhere.

Love this ironic series of roads named after the illustrious and famous; very David!  See more of his work here too: David Harriman

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

After Picasso

As always, whilst you're hunting for something, you stumble across something else that's really great.  Love this clever homage-to-Picasso fashion story by Eugenio Recuenco.  Eugenio is something of a renaissance man; besides photography, he is well versed in film and has even collaborated on an opera.  He describes himself as a "pain in the ass who always insists on doing what he wants". Fair play to you Eugenio! Eugenio Recuenco  See the rest of the series on his agent's site here: Le Bookmaker

Friday, 1 February 2013

Home is where the heart is

Last summer, I had the privilege of being a mentor along with Liz Helman, a photographer and picture editor, on the Young Photographers' Association programme.  The brief was for the mentees to explore what "home" meant to them. Charley Murrell was one of our group.  Her project was inspired by her flatmate who often dresses up in drag. Charley wanted to depict like-minded drag devotees in their homes, dressed as both of their gender selves.  By the end of the summer, editing the final 5 proved to be a challenge as Charley had so much material but I think the edit above proved the strongest.  The YPA exhibited one shot from each submitted series from all their groups around the world at the Margaret Street Gallery in London for 10 days earlier in January. More on the YPA mentoring programme here: YPA  Charley's site for more work: Charley Murrell