Thursday, 22 November 2012

Red, White & Blue

Pack Rat

Pack Rat

Crispin Finn are a very talented London duo who produce beautifully rendered (often by hand) design, illustrations and typography in red, white and blue.  The palette restriction was born out of their background in screenprinting when they were forced to work with limited colourways.  They are also obsessed with the everyday paraphernalia we're surrounded by, hence the two Pack Rat illustrations shown here which hero collections of very every-day stuff.  I love how once you only see the world through this red/white/blue prism, how much variety is actually possible.  The film posters are genius; a collection of props that appear in the film.  Guess which one's based on Jaws!  Crispin Finn

Monday, 19 November 2012

Right side up

I am a huge fan of Blommers Schumm who have been producing ever more brilliantly bewildering work since 1998.  They make the viewer see things differently; sometimes uncomfortably so but always in a way that forces you to look for longer.  These shots are taken from two series where they explore what happens with the way we read facial features when you flip the face keeping some features right side up.  Blommers Schumm

Friday, 16 November 2012

Food Glorious Food (couldn't help myself!)

Clive Booth had the lucky privilege of shooting food created by Heston Blumenthal and his team at the famous Fat Duck restaurant in Bray.  For me, Clive shoots food the way it should be photographed; given that you can't actually smell or taste it,  he satisfies all you need to know here in terms of texture and colour.  You can almost hear that butter sizzle and you can certainly anticipate how that honey will feel on your tongue and as for those chips...  What's more fantastic is that Heston, being the visionary he is, saw some beauty shots Clive had done which inspired him to get Clive to shoot his food for a new book; Clive had never shot food before!   See more shots and read Clive's account here.  He should definitely do more food please....Clive Booth

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Legs 11

Caught up with Sam at Twenty Twenty recently who shared Will Sanders's newly edited portfolio with me.  Love the colourful exuberance and sense of fun spilling out of his work, not to mention his perfect graphic eye.  Someone give him a hosiery campaign immediately (or something!)!  Will Sanders

Thursday, 8 November 2012

In My Country

Daniel Stier celebrates the extraordinary diversity of Londoners in this wonderful series, depicting immigrants in their national dress yet in surroundings familiar to them in their adopted city.  For Daniel, such traditional clothing has come to "represent a bastion of cultural resistance and an assertion of identity in a world which thanks to globalisation tends to flatten anything distinctive".  As he correctly asserts, it also lends a timeless quality to these pictures.  The culture clash in each picture is really compelling.  I also get a sense of the great pride each subject conveys dressed in their national costume. Daniel exhibited these at the Stour Space in London earlier in the year.   Daniel Stier

Monday, 5 November 2012

Money money money

Piero Martinello makes us take a closer look at what we carry around in our wallets with this fascinating macro portraiture series of figures on banknotes.  He has captured an intriguing range of expression, not to mention extraordinary detail and colour.  See more here: Piero Martinello

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Improve your hotel room

Met Leon Chew today.  He often likes to play with geometric forms and scale in normal environments (and sometimes not so normal; he likes a black beach) using the simplest of materials like bits of perspex (which he says he always has in his suitcase) or tinfoil, as in the work shown above.  He calls this series Sculpture for Hotels.  I love that a chambermaid would have discovered Leon's art in situ once he'd checked out and wonder if they'd have appreciated it as much as I do. He also showed me some fantastic shots of flowers which reminded me of a giant Anish Kapoor sculpture.  Beautiful stuff. Leon Chew