Monday, 29 October 2012

The wonderful world of Richard Gray

Richard Gray's work leaves me speechless.  His illustrations have the disparity and marvellous awkwardness (if that's such a word!) of collage but yet also feel very complete with an extraordinary sense of design. What's more amazing is that he does this all by hand and he always likes to work with a model initially. What more can I say?  Richard Gray

Friday, 19 October 2012

Supersize your accessories!

Marcelo Krasilcic's work exudes fun and colour.  Here's how he shoots accessories for an editorial series.  Love the way he mixes high and low using flash photography in luxe locations with girls who are game for a laugh.  See more of his work here: Marcelo Krasilcic

Monday, 15 October 2012


These exquisite paintings of corn row patterns are by So Yoon Lym, an artist based in Paterson, New Jersey.  They're based on pictures she'd taken a few years ago of some high school students she came across.  She calls this series "Dreamtime" and was inspired by Aboriginal art which is best seen from an aerial perspective. She says on her website: These braid patterns are the language for the new aboriginal, the transplanted and de-territorialized nomad.  The braid patterns both record journeys to the present and re-present cartographical longings; they are a stamp of entry into a brave new world order while simultaneously re-membering prehistory.  I just love the forensic detail So Yoon has captured of the different hair braid patterns.  This series will also feature in a book on hair to be published in the next year. So Yoon Lym

Friday, 12 October 2012

Invisible Generation

These powerful ads for the Prince's Trust, shot by Samuel Hicks, have been around for a few months now, but I didn't realise (until I met Sam's agent Jaq, the other day) quite how they were put together. The figures weren't created in clever post production but were shot in camera after having been painted to merge seamlessly with the background.  I'm always a fan of shooting things for real and love the fact that this was decided as the best course of action as I think it heightens the viewer's double-take reaction all the more. Samuel Hicks

Monday, 8 October 2012

Bombay mix

Had the pleasure and extraordinary privilege of shooting in Mumbai a couple of weeks ago and lost my heart to that incredible city and the people.  Spotted this wonderful series of Mumbai taxis and their drivers at the AOP, shot by Markku Lahdesmaki.  He has totally captured the spirit and energy of the city in these portraits. See more here: Markku Lahdesmaki

Friday, 5 October 2012

Dress like a Herero

Went to the AOP awards last night in London and saw some great work including this series by Jim Naughten (for which he won an award).  Jim spent some time photographing the Hereros tribe in Namibia, a region of Africa that was colonised by Germany in the early 20th century.  Hence the extraordinary dresses these ladies depicted are wearing; the style is lifted from the attire the missionaries wore (and clothed their converts in) whilst their horn-shaped headwear is a latter-day adaptation and reflects the importance of cattle in their society.  The subjects were all shot in the uncompromising Namibian desert which forms the perfect background to these proud, beautifully-dressed ladies.  Jim Naughten

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Humans of New York

Yesterday Time Out tweeted about this incredible project a photographer called Brandon Stanton has been doing since 2010 in New York.  It's called Humans of New York. He takes pictures of people he comes across on the street and writes a bit about them on his blog.  What is so wonderful about his street photography is that his subjects are always totally engaged with him; he's not one to shoot paparazzi-style.  It's electrifying work - I have a huge weakness for street photography - and makes the most vibrant portrait of an amazing city.   Makes me think I need to get on with a project I've had in mind for ages....  See more here: Humans Of New York

Monday, 1 October 2012


It's been a crazy few weeks hence this is my first post in a short while.  Just before the madness set in, I met Alice Hawkins, of whom I've long been a fan.  This is Alice living out her dream, dressed as Dolly Parton on location in Tennessee where she paid her own unique tribute to the country & western star. How she managed to keep her hair looking so perfectly Dolly-coiffed in the hot Tennessee sun is quite beyond me.  She even popped into Dollywood and made herself at home in Dolly's trailer.  When she shoots fashion, Alice loves nothing more than to head off somewhere with a bag of clothes and a couple of willing accomplices to cast whoever they find at their chosen destination.  See more of Alice's fab work here: Alice Hawkins