Monday, 15 October 2012


These exquisite paintings of corn row patterns are by So Yoon Lym, an artist based in Paterson, New Jersey.  They're based on pictures she'd taken a few years ago of some high school students she came across.  She calls this series "Dreamtime" and was inspired by Aboriginal art which is best seen from an aerial perspective. She says on her website: These braid patterns are the language for the new aboriginal, the transplanted and de-territorialized nomad.  The braid patterns both record journeys to the present and re-present cartographical longings; they are a stamp of entry into a brave new world order while simultaneously re-membering prehistory.  I just love the forensic detail So Yoon has captured of the different hair braid patterns.  This series will also feature in a book on hair to be published in the next year. So Yoon Lym

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