Friday, 5 April 2013


During a random search earlier today, I came across Charlie Crane's beautiful shots of Pyongyang which he shot a few years ago before Kim Jong Un came to power (Chris Boot published them in the most exquisitely designed book).  As North Korea's threats to the US of nuclear warfare escalate, I find these pictures have taken on a particularly haunting resonance.  Despite it taking a year for Charlie to gain permission to enter the country with his camera and him and his producer being accompanied at all times by two guides, he spoke about how surprisingly easy it was to photograph one of the most secretive places in the world; he didn't try to look beneath the surface as the surface itself was intriguing enough.  I fear for the people depicted in his shots and wonder if they can possibly know how precarious their future will be should the situation become critical... The book is called Welcome to Pyongyang. Charlie is a very successful director these days but for more of his wonderful photography and more in this series, go here: Charlie Crane

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