Monday, 22 April 2013

Plastic Fantastic

When he was a photography student in LA, Anoush Abrar shot this remarkable series of sex dolls cleverly depicted in alarmingly realistic human poses. These are Real Dolls, the creme de la creme of sex dolls, made to every customer's specification in the US and costing around USD 7000. Each doll has a skeleton and is coated in silicon which becomes more skin-like over time (apparently you can even control the body temperature of these dolls by putting them in a bath or covering them with electric blankets).  The creator of these dolls, Matt McMullin, went to art school and trained as a sculptor.  Real Dolls came into being when he made a tiny lifelike-looking woman; he posted a picture online and was then inundated with queries. The degree of craftsmanship that goes into each doll is extraordinary; each one is a unique work of art and it takes 18 weeks to acquire one from order to delivery.  Anoush has found something so human and almost vulnerable in these dolls.  It feels like the futuristic world of replicants in Blade Runner isn't so far-fetched after all.... See more here: Anoush Abrar

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