Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Hanging out with The Furries

1st post for 2013 had to be Tom Broadbent's intriguing project on The Fur Club.  1st rule of Fur Club: don't reveal your identity.  2nd rule of Fur Club: don't talk to journalists.  Tom has been getting to know the various Furries, who are all sorts of people from bank managers to project managers to actors, over a few years gaining their trust and wanted to photograph them in their homes and normal environments.  They basically like to dress up in these elaborate furry costumes and hang out. Sometimes a few of them get together to walk about around St Paul's and the Millennium Bridge. Tom accompanied them on one such walk and I can't wait to see the result of that encounter.  He plans to exhibit and publish this wonderful series so keep an eye out for that.  So if ever you're passing St Paul's and you see them, you'll know it's The Furries that are out!  Tom Broadbent

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