Thursday, 5 September 2013

Jason's Daily Nice

Jason Evans is an acclaimed and influential fashion and art photographer who regularly contributes to
i-D magazine, has lectured on photography to numerous lucky students and also has some work in the National Portrait Gallery. I have very belatedly just come across The Daily Nice which he started in 2004 and where he posts 1 x shot a day of something that has made him happy.  He began it at a time when there was a lot of negativity and fear in the press  (now hard to believe that this was the case pre-global recession but it was just as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were brewing; I remember it well) and he felt that a counter expression was necessary.  Olivia, his agent, shows some of his Daily Nices on her agency site and they are so pleasing that I couldn't resist posting some here. French writer Guy de Maupassant wrote a lovely collection of short stories called Une Gorgée de Biére which is a celebration of life's simple pleasures; Jason's Daily Nice is a wonderful visual equivalent. See more of his work here: Jason Evans

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