Monday, 13 August 2012

Super spectators

In the wake of Bradley Wiggins's extraordinary Tour de France & Olympic success,  London-based photographer Mark Leary shares with us on his blog these shots taken of the spectators at the Tour de France on the Col de Tourmalet climb in the Pyrannees.  The Col de Tourmalet is over 2000metres above sealevel and is said to be the toughest mountain climb in the Tour so I guess for the cyclists, the support from the fans at a spot like this is at its most needed.  Mark is an avid surfer and this passion for pursuits in the great outdoors and the kindred spirits of those who pursue them is a constant theme in his work. I have long been a fan and can't wait to see the rest in the series which he is promising to share later in the year.  mark leary

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