Friday, 22 June 2012

Curios galore

Trepanned skull

Rectal tobacco resuscitator

European executioner's mask pre1700

Fakir's sandals 1871

Maleus Maleficarum; witch hunter's manual 1494

Boots for bound feet

Nelson's razor and Napoleon's toothbrush

Preserved tattoos 19th Century

Pharmacy leech jar 1831
I envy Thom Aitkinson for having had the privilege to take these pictures of some of the extraordinary items found in the Wellcome Institute.  They make me think that the riproaring world of Tin Tin has come to life; I mean here is a pair of actual fakir's sandals!  I dread to think what a rectal tobacco resuscitator is (those three words shouldn't really appear together in a sentence let alone describe a real object) and as for the bits of dried out tattooed skin...  You might have seen them if you'd wandered past the Wellcome Trust on the Euston Road earlier in the year or look at the whole set here on Thom's site: Thom Aitkinson
Here's an article about the project:
Wellcome Institute exhibition

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