Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Twitter Feed

@CigaretteBurns_ brings the finest forgotten cult films back to the big screen, rumor has it that he watches in excess of 500 films a year.

@AlOverdrive his passion for the frozen image is only exceeded by his talent.

@deedeesvintage Dee Dee runs an awesome vintage on-line shop where you can find the perfect mix of Americana and British clothing
@ElectricAdam creates incredible latex costumes, inspired by science fiction and his own warped imagination.
@samo72 An outstanding collector of circles in squares and forgotten pictures. Whiskey. Ice. Crashed cars. Maps. Rubble.
Travis Hodges has done an intriguing project here... He picked one of his favourite twitter friends and photographed them then they picked their favourite twitter friend and he photographed them and so on and so on... It's a fascinating visual thread of a group of virtually-connected friends.  Each caption is Travis's brief description of each person. Check it out on his site http://www.travishodges.co.uk/followme/

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